B.Tech.(Marine Engineering)

Four year degree course is affiliated to Indian Maritime Universtiy (IMU), Chennai. The course is approved by Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) and meets the requirements as prescribed in the TEAPS Manual of the DGS. On successful completion of training from RLINS the student will be eligible to obtain necessary documentation from authorities and join merchant ships as a trainee engineer. Five short term STCW courses (PST, PSSR, EFA, FPFF & STSSD) which are compulsory for any one who aspires to join the merchant navy, will be conducted during semester holidays.

Course duration » B.Tech.(Marine Engineering) - 4 year (Residential)

Semester - I

Communicative English & Sociology
Mathematics – I
Basic Thermodynamics
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Engineering Mechanics – I
Workshop Technology
Geometrical Drawing
Basic Electrical & Electronics Laboratory
Workshop Practicals - I
Communicative English Lab
Credit Marks

Semester - II

Seamanship, Elementary Navigation & Survival at sea Mathematics – II
Applied Thermodynamics – I
Strength of Materials – I
Computer Science
Engineering Mechanics – II
Engineering & Machine Drawing
Applied Mechanics Laboratory
Workshop Practicals - II
Computer Laboratory - I
Credit Marks

Semester - III

Computational Mathematics
Applied Thermodynamics – II
Strength of Materials – II
Mechanics of Machines – I
Electrical Machine – I
Marine Engineering Drawing
Electronics Laboratory
Computer Laboratory - II
Workshop Practicals – III
Credit Marks

Semester - IV

Ship Structure & Construction
Marine Boiler & Steam Engineering
Mechanics of Machines – II
Electrical Machines – II
Fluids Mechanics - I
Marine Heat Engines & Air Conditioning
Practical Marine Automation
Heat & Boiler Chemical Laboratory
Workshop Practicals – IV
Control Engineering Laboratory - I
Credit Marks

Semester - V

Material Science
Management Science & Economics
Marine Internal Combustion Engine – I
Fluids Mechanics – II
Marine Auxiliary Machines – I
Naval Architecture – I
Elementary Design & Drawing
Material Science Laboratory
Mechanics & Fluid Laboratory
Marine Power Plant Operation – I
Credit Marks

Semester - VI

Ship Fire Prevention & Control
Marine Internal Combustion Engine II
Marine Electrical Technology
Marine Auxiliary Machines – II
Naval Architecture – II
Elective - I
Fire Control & Life Saving Appliances Laboratory
Marine Power Plant Operation – II
Electrical Machines Laboratory
Credit Marks

Semester - VII

Ship Operation & Management
Advanced Marine Control Engineering & Automation
IMO & Maritime Conventions
Advanced Marine Technology
Engine Room Management

Elective II

Marine Machinery & System Design
Simulator & Control Laboratory
Technical Paper & Project
Credit Marks
Semester VIII
On Board Training & Assessment
Environmental Project
Elective Subjects
Double Hull Tanker Vessels
Advanced Marine Heat Engines
Environmental Science & Technology
Advanced Computer Application
Advanced Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machinery
Transport & Logistic Management
Advanced Material Science & Surface Coating Engineering
Renewable Energy Sources & Applications

Educational Criteria:
  • A pass in Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or its equivalent from any Govt. recognised Board (passed in first attempt).
  • Minimum 60% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM).
  • Min. 50% marks in English either in Class X or Class XII..
  • To write Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test is compulsory(IMUCET).

Age: Below 25 years.

Medical Examination: Medical Examinations are conducted by institute recognised Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) approved Doctors. Standard of such medical examination is general in nature and can be obtained from the Doctors on request. Eye Sight:
  • Distance vision (unaided 0.5 *(6/12) in each eye or 0.67*(6/9) in better eye and 0.33 *(6/18) in other eye;  and
  • Normal colour vision shall be tested by Ishihara test chart.

*values given in Snellen Decimal Notation

Fee Structure for 2018 Entry B.Tech (Marine Engineering) Cadets
Programme Total Fees / Academic Year Odd Semester Even Semester
As Programme Fee to IMU As Semester Fee to RLINS As Semester Fee to RLINS
B.Tech(Marine Engineering) Rs.2,25,000/- Rs.25,000/- Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.1,00,000/-
The Semester Fees - will normally include the following : Tuition Fee, Library Fee, Laboratory Fee, Workshop Fee, Industrial visit Fee, Extra-curricular activities Fee, Insurance Fee, Mess Charges, Lodging Charges, Laundry Charges, Cost of Uniform, Cost of Books, Indian National Database of Seafarers (INDOS), Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) and so on.
An one time interest free Caution Deposit of Rs.20,000/- will have to be paid at the time of joining the institute.
The same is refundable, at the end of the course, after adjustments for damages, breakages and postal expenses if any.
Refund Rules
Terms of refund: In case a student, after completing the admission process and paying the full first semester fees, decides to withdraw from the Institute, a part of the fees will be refunded.
The amount refunded depends on the date of withdrawal by the student.
The terms of refund for academic year 2018-2019 are as follows:
Date of Withdrawal Amount to be refunded
On or before Aug 01, 2018Fees Paid Less Rs.20,000/-
On or after Aug 02, 2018 Caution deposit and mess balance only.
Candidate will be permitted to withdraw based on a written request only, duly signed by the candidate and his parent or guardian; as the case may be.
Refunds will be made only after 30 days of his/her leaving the Institute.
Examination & other Fees, as prescribed by the University & DGS, are to be paid separately.
Candidates will make own arrangements to obtain Passport.
Institute will assist in this regard.
This is a mandatory requirement, considering the nature of the maritime job.
The above fee structure is same as IMU fee structure and is subject to revision.


For 4 years B.Tech (Marine Engineering) Dr.Lakshmipathy Merit Scholarship:
  • Rs.50,000/- for first year for candidates who have scored 95% or more in 12th class in PCM aggregate marks or those who are in the top 100 ranks in IMU CET. Rs.25000/- for first year for candidates who have scored 85% or more in 12th class in PCM aggregate marks or those who are in the top 101to 500 ranks in IMU CET.
  • Rs. 25,000/- for subsequent semesters(III, IV, V, VI, VII & VIIIth Semesters) for candidates who maintain 95% aggregate marks or more.
  • Rs. 12,500/- for subsequent semesters(III, IV, V, VI, VII & VIIIth Semesters) for candidates who maintain 85% or more aggregate marks overall without arrears.
Subbalakshmi Merit Scholarship:
  • Rs. 5000/- for all students who have scored an aggregate marks of 80% or more overall in each semester without arrears.
Shyamala Merit Scholarship:
  • Rank-I
Rs.5000/- for the candidate who has scored maximum aggregate marks during the semester without arrears.
  • Rank-II
Rs.2500/- for the candidate who has scored second maximum aggregate marks during the semester without arrears.
  • A candidate can avail only one scholarship at any point of time.