Fee Structure for 2018 Entry B.Tech (Marine Engineering) Cadets
Programme Total Fees / Academic Year Odd Semester Even Semester
As Programme Fee to IMU As Semester Fee to RLINS As Semester Fee  to RLINS
B.Tech(Marine Engineering) Rs.2,25,000/- Rs.25,000/- Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.1,00,000/-
■  The Semester Fees – will normally include the following : Tuition Fee, Library Fee, Laboratory Fee, Workshop Fee, Industrial visit Fee, Extra-curricular activities Fee, Insurance Fee, Mess Charges, Lodging Charges,  Laundry Charges, Cost of Uniform, Cost of Books, Indian National Database of Seafarers (INDOS), Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) and so on.
■  An one time interest free Caution Deposit of Rs.20,000/- will have to be paid at the time of joining the institute.
■  The same is refundable, at the end of the course, after adjustments for damages, breakages and postal expenses if any.
■  Examination & other Fees, as prescribed by the University & DGS, are to be paid separately.
■  Candidates will make own arrangements to obtain Passport.
■  Institute will assist in this regard.  
■  This is a mandatory requirement, considering the nature of the maritime job.
The above fee structure is same as IMU fee structure and is subject to revision.