Sl No Name Designation Qualification Subject Handling Marine / Non Marine
1 Mr. Subramanian M Advisor – Technical I Class Engineer (Motor)
1 Mr. Muthukrishnan R Prinicipal BE (Mechanical), I Class Engineer (Motor) Marine Marine
2 Mr. Naga Subramanian D Sr. Faculty BE (Mechanical), I Class Engineer (Motor) Marine Marine
3 Capt. Murugesh T Sr. Faculty Master (FG) Marine Marine
4 Mr. Adaickalam Katha Ayyan A Sr. Faculty BE (Mechanical), MOT Class II (Motor) Marine Marine
5 Mr. Uma Maheswaran S Sr. Faculty BE (Mechanical),MOT Class II (Motor) Marine Marine
6 Mr. Kannan S Sr. Faculty MOT Class II (Motor) Marine Marine
7 Mr. Ananda Das Visiting Faculty BE (Mechanical), I Class Engineer (Motor) Marine Marine
8 Mr. Chandrasekaran C Visiting Faculty BE (Mechanical), I Class Engineer (Motor) Marine Marine
1 Dr. Kumarasamy M Sr. Faculty B.Tech (Chemical),ME (Industrial Engineering), Ph.D Mechanical Non Marine
2 Mr. Balasubramanian G Faculty BE (Mechanical) Mechanical Non Marine
3 Mr. Balaji S Faculty BE (Mechanical), ME (Engineering Design) Mechanical Non Marine
1 Mr. Chidambararaj C Faculty BS (Engineering Technology) Electrical / Electronics Non Marine
2 Mr. Thiagarajan S Faculty BE (EEE), ME (Power Electronics & Drives) Electrical / Electronics Non Marine
3 Mr. Satheeshprabu B Faculty BE (EEE), ME (Power Electronics & Drives) Electrical / Electronics Non Marine
1 Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram B Sr. Faculty M.Sc (Geology), M.Sc(Geog), MBA Management Non Marine
2 Mr. Sundaram V V Faculty M.A., M.Phill., MBA, B.Ed. English Non Marine
3 Ms. Harini M Faculty M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D.) Mathematics Non Marine
4 Mr. Joe Arun Raja P Visting Faculty B.Sc., MCA, M.Tech., M.Phil Computer Non Marine
5 Mr. Suresh Kumar C Visting Faculty BA, B.Ed (English), DHMCT Cert. Cheff Catering Non Marine
6 Mrs. Subbulakshmi Visting Faculty M.Sc. (Home Science), M.Sc. (HMCS) Catering Non Marine
7 Mr. Gangadharan V Visting Faculty B.Sc (HM&CS), MBA (HR) Catering Non Marine
8 Mr. Jacob Visting Faculty BHCS-MTMCCC Catering Non Marine
1 Mr. Jothikrishnan R R Instructor Diploma in Electronic, Degree by Navy Ship In Campus Navy, Marine
2 Mr. Ramasamy R Instructor ITI Fitter Ship In Campus Marine
3 Mr. Jothi Karuppasamy M Instructor B.B.E., Diploma in Fire and Safety Ship In Campus Non Marine
4 Mr. Amaldas Fernando Instructor SSLC / Bosun Marine Marine
1 Mr. Nagarajan R Instructor Fitter Trade, NTC, NTAC, DME Mechanical Non Marine
2 Mr. Paramasivam S Instructor DME, ITI NTC (Fitter) Mechanical Non Marine
3 Mr. Vidya Poornachari D K Instructor B.Sc. , NTC, NAC Welding Mechanical Non Marine
4 Mr. Pulandiran K Instructor ITI, NTC & NAC Mechanical Non Marine
1 Mr. Muhundharajan M Instructor DEEE Electrical Non Marine
1 Mr. Palpandi K Instructor MCA Computer Non Marine
2 Mr. Subramanian K Technical Coordinator M.Sc (IT) Video Conferencing Non Marine
1 Mr. Baskaran A Instructor Navy Degree – Rador controller – Life Guard Swimming Navy, Marine
1 Mr. Marithangam M DPE B.Sc., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed. NIS Physical Education Non Marine
1 Mr. Venkatasubramanian K G Libraian M.A. M.Li.SC., Library Non Marine
1 Mr. Ramasamy R Sr.Officer In Charge CPO – Navy Deputy Warden Marine
2 Mr. Lakshmanan P Officer In Charge PO ME -Navy Deputy Warden Marine
3 Mr. Porchezian A Officer In Charge Naib – Subedar (Army) Deputy Warden Non Marine
4 Mr. Jeyakrishnan C Officer In Charge LAM – Navy Deputy Warden Non Marine
1 Mr. Prabhakar V Co-ordinator (Admission) B.Sc. Admission & Placement Non Marine
2 Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram B Senior Faculty cum Admission Officer M.Sc. (Geology), M.Sc. (Geog), MBA Administration Non Marine
3 Mr. Chandran Murthi Public Relation Officer B.Com Admission & Placement Non Marine
4 Mrs. Asha N G Office Superintendent B.Sc., MBA, PGDCA Admin Office Non Marine
5 Mr. Senthil Kumar S Assistant B.Com., EDPM Admin Office Non Marine
6 Mr. Muthu Kamatchi M Sub Staff PUC Office Non Marine
7 Mr. Shankaran M Sub Staff HSC Office Non Marine